Friday, December 5, 2014

Water Filtration and Home Water Filters

The surest way of making sure you are drinking the cleanest, contaminant free, water possible is to invest in a water filter of some kind for your home. Although home water filters, different from water softeners, may seem expensive at first, in the long run they are a very cost effective way of providing you and your family with pure drinking water. The alternative of buying bottled water will likely be more expensive than installing and running a quality water filter. There are also doubts about the purity of many bottled waters, with some commentators stating that unfiltered municipal tap water may even be purer, as it is much more strictly regulated.
Granulated, Activated Carbon Water Filters
This is the kind of filter most often found in the jug type portable filters that are widely available at kitchenware stores. This is the most basic form of filtration but is certainly worth having if your budget can’t reach any further. These filters will remove chlorine, some chemicals, mercury, large parasites and particulates.
It is extremely important to drink plenty of pure water every day if you suffer from environmental illness. To this end, if you are badly restricted financially, one solution would be to buy a cheap jug type granulated carbon filter, and also boil the filtered water to kill any microorganisms present.

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