Sunday, December 14, 2014

Filter your water at home and keep out potential toxins

Water. It composes over half our body weight, and it’s essential to your health. Yet your drinking water may be contaminated with anything from lead to arsenic to radionuclides, with possible effects that can range from nausea to blindness to cancer. Fear not: a simple home water filter can help you steer clear of scary contaminants and improve taste.
Home filtration systems can remove the vast majority of chlorine, lead and other harmful substances that may be present in your water. Home UV disinfection systems can destroy bacteria and organic matter that may seep from wastewater into your water supply. Home systems come in many forms—individual bottles, pitchers, faucet attachments, whole home treatment tanks—and have varying levels of purification. All deliver cleaner water for mere cents per gallon.
Beware bottled water, however. The standards regulating its production are often less strict than those regulating tap water, and almost half of bottled water sold in the U.S. is actually drawn from the same source as tap water, filtered and then sold back to consumers at thousands of times the price. If you want better water in your home, look for a filtration system that fits your lifestyle.

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