Friday, December 19, 2014

Reasons to Have a Water Filter in Your Home

Iron and other metals

Your drinking water could be filled with iron or other metals. Whether your water comes from a well or the city, most water has tiny particles of metal. If you use a home water test, you can determine how much iron is in your water and what type of filter you need. Iron and other metals can cause serious medical issues, and your family will be safer if you use a filter.

Bacteria in water

Water naturally contains bacteria. If you get your water from a city system, they probably use chlorine or some form of chlorine to kill the bacteria in the water. Although this is usually a good thing, studies have shown that chlorine can also cause health issues like cancer and endocrine problems. Using a water filter will protect you and your family from the harmful effects of chlorine.

Harmful toxins

Using tap water when you cook can release harmful toxins into your food. Even if you currently drink bottled water, very few people use bottled water when cooking. If you purchase a system from a trusted water filter provider, you will have safe filtered water for drinking and cooking.

Bathing and your skin pores

Most people use water to bathe every day. If you have children, you know they probably love to spend time in the bathtub playing and relaxing. When your children spend time in the tub, it opens the skin pores and allows bacteria and toxins to enter the body. A full home water filtration system will make the water safe no matter how long the kids want to play in the tub.

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