Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Advantages of Shower Water Filters

Many people take a shower early in the morning, but they are oblivious to the potential health hazard that the shower water poses on their skin and hair. Since shower water is chemically treated, it is not unusual to find dangerously high levels of chlorine content in it. Besides causing damage to skin and hair, the chlorine in shower water can also cause a variety of health issues, which include premature aging, throat irritations, heart diseases, respiratory complications, and breast cancer.
The most practical and effective solution to the chlorine issue is to use a shower filter. A shower filter comes in a wide range of prices and designs, and it will definitely augment one’s showering experience. Research has shown that 50% of chlorine exposure happens when people are taking showers. Some of the chlorine gets absorbed by the skin while some of it is inhaled by the lungs, especially when taking a hot shower.
The shower filter cleanses the water of chlorine, and therefore, it reduces the detrimental effects of chlorine on the hair and skin. People who use shower filters have noticed the difference pure water makes to their health and beauty. The skin is suppler and looks more radiant. In addition, the hair becomes shinier and much more manageable, since the natural moisturizing oils of the hair are preserved when one uses pure water. Also, after a few weeks of shower filter usage, the elasticity of the skin returns, and so does the bounce of the hair. This means that those who use pure water do not need to spend too much money buying skin moisturizers and hair oils.

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