Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Water Filtration Benefits – Clean, Healthy Water Free of Harmful Contaminants

Many people as about water filtration benefits…is it really better than tap and bottled water? The answer is quite simple…absolutely.
The latest research shows that drinking water contains over 2000 harmful chemicals, and EPA regulations only set standards for about 50 of them. That means that the water you drink and shower with every single day is filled with toxic materials.
The benefits of water filtration lie in the fact that the better water filters can remove many of these contaminants, yielding cleaner, safer, purer, better tasting water for you and your family.
Many people ask: Well what about bottled water? Surely that’s better than tap, right? Wrong. Bottled water is only required by law to be as good as tap water. More disturbingly, the standards for bottled water only apply when it is shipped across state lines…there are no laws governing quality when it remains in the state it is manufactured in…scary, huh?

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