Friday, November 7, 2014

Home Water Filtration Systems

Safe drinking water concerns lead many homeowners to purchase home water filtration systems. But, these systems provide more benefits that you might not realize including removal of bad tastes or smells that come from tap water.

Makes Water Taste Better

If you turn on the tap for a drink of water, you might notice an aftertaste that isn’t very satisfying. Some homeowners dislike the taste of their water to such an extent, that they’ll spend hundreds of dollars each year to purchase bottled water products. Water filtration removes the bad taste many people find in their city’s water. In fact, installing a filtration system ensures that you remove chlorine or sediment that leads to bad tasting water.

Gets Rid of Water Smell

In addition to taste, some people experience strange smells emanating from their water faucets. Usually, these smells do not come from a lack of cleanliness or hygiene. Instead, smells in the city water supply sometimes come from algae bloom, pollutants, microorganisms or chemicals. The home’s plumbing may also cause a metallic taste to the water, which can be due to rust in the system. Sulfur or egg smell in tap water is sometimes associated with bacteria growing in the home’s hot water heater.

Removes Harmful Chemicals

Home filtration systems use carbon to absorb chemicals found in the water supply. This carbon filters out harmful substances such as lead, rust or pesticides. These chemicals can cause health issues if not filtered so by removing them with filtration, homeowners can trust that their drinking water is safe.
Filtration systems are installed under sinks in the kitchen and/or bathroom. Systems may be used to treat one sink location or the home’s entire water supply. Systems come in various sizes to suit homeowner needs.

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