Friday, October 31, 2014

Why Drinking Filtered Water is so Important

Most nutritional therapists agree that drinking plenty of water is essential to good health and well being.  And, when you consider the facts, it’s hardly surprising why.  60-70% of the body is water, yet through our busy everyday lives – a heady mix of work, leisure and being generally on the go – we are not only constantly dehydrating ourselves, but also failing to quench our body’s thirst for water.
As a result, our skin suffers, our eyes are dry, we can’t seem to shake off colds, we complain of headaches, lack energy, often feel bloated or constipated and our concentration levels are poor.  And, as much as a cup of coffee or can of fizzy drink might seem appealing, it will do nothing to restore your body’s liquid levels – in fact, caffeine has quite the opposite effect – leaving your body arid, dry and in desperate need of water.
The answer is to ensure a plentiful supply of fresh, filtered drinking water wherever you are.  Not so long ago, that meant stocking up at the supermarket on expensive, not to mention bulky bottled water.  But it doesn’t have to be the case anymore – a new generation of filter taps and filter systems for the home from companies such as The USA Filtration Company means perfectly pure water is more accessible than ever, whatever your budget.  And it’s just as well – because the quality of bottled water, to say nothing of the waste that bottled water packaging and plastic generates – has never been under such scrutiny.

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