Wednesday, October 2, 2013

How does "Flood" effects us?

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Flooding happens to many states of America, from Florida to Colorado. Each year, flooding not only hurt our economy but it also damages our environment. Flooding also creates diseases to the area that's been affected as well and sometimes fatality. The people in the community's livelihoods will be drastically altered, from children attending school to the convenience of public transportation. There are many forms of structures that can be built to prevent catastrophic events with flooding, such as lakes, dams, retention ponds, reservoirs and levees.

Effects of a Flood:
Leaving individual’s homeless.
Cause damage to the community.
Cause damage to roads, power plants, sewer lines, bridges and etc.
Fatality & injuries of human lives and all living things
Infectious Disease: dysentery, breakbone fever, pneumonia and etc.
Toxic chemical flush into the drinking water system.
Pollution to natural waterways.

Preventative Measures:
Dams: a barrier made of any material, which stops the flow of rivers and streams
Levees: a barrier usually made of earth or clay, which runs alongside a waterway to keep it from overflowing
Flood Barriers: special structures built across river mouths to prevent flooding
Reservoirs: a body of water stored in an artificial or natural pond or lake
Dikes: a barrier usually made of earth, which runs alongside a river to keep it from overflowing at high water

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