Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Water in the News

Airline Water

Airline water served to passengers is frequently contaminated 


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The EPA launched a major campaign in 2004 to combat contaminated drinking water. 
In 2004, 300 planes were tested -
 15% or 1 out of 10 were found to have coliform bacteria.

Now, nine years later, 12% of commercially owned and flown planes in the United States had water that tested positive for coliform.
This is still 1 out of 10 airplanes.

Water on Mars

Mars rover Curiosity finds water as common as dirt


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 Curiosity found that the soil on Mars contains about 2% water by weight.
We could extract about 2 pints or 1 liter of water out of every cubic foot of soil dug up.


Four tonnes of radioactive water leaks in Fukushima


Tokyo Electric Power, or TEPCO, estimated that 4 tonnes of collected rain water might have escaped and seeped into the soil. 
The leak was caused by an overflow that employees were not alerted to due to a damaged water gauge.
This comes less than a month after Fukushima leaked over 300 tonnes of contaminated water from a damaged fire-fighting water pipe.

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